Audit and Security on IBM i Power Systems®

You run critical parts of your business on IBM i and you need to address some Security and/or Compliance issues such as, GDPR, NIS2, PCI-DSS, SOX, specifically on this Platform,

Resiliane can help you!

Here are some examples of Services we can deliver:

  • Improving your Security/Audit Level
  • Be your part-time Security Officer (for example: 16 hours per month, one day per week, on demand)
  • Help you in addressing issues listed in Official Audit Reports and/or prepare for your next Official Audit
  • Perform access violation testing
  • Do investigation in case of suspected fraudulent activities
  • Support on Precisely® IBM i Security Solutions | Assure Security (Cilasoft®) | (Monitoring, Reporting & Alerting | Access Control | Multi-Factor Authentication | Elevated Authority Management | Core Distribution Services (CDS – Data Consolisation & Distribution))

Access Violation Tests (Ethical Hacking) take place under your company’s authority in a legal and legitimate way.
These tests are essential to evaluate the Security Level of your architectures.
An independent expert with strong technical skills on IBM i Security will boost your defense system.
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How can we help you? Here are some examples

Improving your Security and Audit Level

  • Design audit reports on system events and database changes
  • Design reports on configuration settings
  • Interpret, recommend, remediate based on any audit reports
  • Review access control rules – even those implemented via exit programs
  • Review authentication process
  • Develop new strategies to allow you to focus on: – Segregation of duties – Privilege user activity monitoring – Protection of critical data – Integrity of the audit trail – SIEM integration
  • Ad-Hoc consultancy to help you understand and comply with any Business Specific Security, Auditing or Compliance need you have.

Investigation in case of suspected fraudulent activities

Actions we can deliver if you are faced with a suspicious or litigious situation:

  • Search evidence in your existing logs
  • Setup a more comprehensive audit trail to improve the evidence available in the future
  • Produce an independent report by recognized experts that can be used to defend or absolve your company.

Help you in addressing issues listed in external Audit Reports and/or prepare for your next Audit

  • Review the issues found in previous audit reports
  • Prepare for future official security audits
  • Collate security settings and make recommendations
  • Discuss security practices and make recommendations
  • Discuss new security measures to be implemented and make recommendations
  • Remediate when possible
  • Review, improve and create documentation.

Be your part-time Security Officer

  • Act as a part-time Security Officer dedicated to the IBM i platform and as such share our expertise with your Company
  • Create, maintain, automate audit reports ensuring they stay relevant and aligned with your company strategy even if you have an ever changing technical environment
  • These reports can track system events, database changes, configuration settings, integrity of the audit trail, privileged user activity, exit point events and more
  • Review the result of the audit reports, recommend and remediate any issues that arise
  • Monitor deviated activity on the network and accordingly review access control rules implemented in existing exit programs
  • Monitor and review authentication processes
  • Setup and maintain protection rules on your critical data.

IBM i Security Webinar
Title: Current and Future Threats on IBM i Platform
Date: Thrusday 30 may, 2024 at 10:00am (Paris Time)
Speaker: Guy Marmorat
Organized by: Laurent Mermet, IBM, Partner Technical Specialist Power Systems & Mathieu Ferré.

Event organized by ITHEIS and IBM
Db2 Database

Real-time analytics, interoperability, mass of data, complexity, performance, availability, cyberthreats, compliance, remote access:
The needs of our businesses have evolved significantly
The governance and modernization of the bases, their integration, the management of their performance, the protection and security of data, the departure of competent people are major challenges that you must face.

Few slides, solutions, demos, practical advice


Session: “IBM i Data Security”
Title : Inventory of different methods for strengthening the Security and Auditability of IBM i Data
All technologies available to improve data security are reviewed, along with the modules of Precisely’s “Assure Security” Suite that contribute to this.
Date: 07 december 2023 – 15h50 – 16h30
Speaker: Guy MARMORAT

The largest IBM i User Group in the UK
i-UG Conference Midlands 2023
Date: Thursday 23rd November 2023
Venue: The Mount Country Manor House Hotel, Wolverhampton
Session (12:05-12:50): IBM i Security – Real life technical Case Study
Speakers: Guy MARMORAT, Steve BRADSHAW
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IBM i Security Meetings

IBM France Montpellier
September 20-21, 2023
Registration is closed, contact us and ask for a personalized webdemo

Dominique GAYTE: IBM Champion, IBM i Auditor
Guy MARMORAT: IBM Champion, IBM i Security and Audit Expert
Nathanaël BONNET: IBM Champion, Expert in Development and Integration of IBM i Software
Philippe BOURGEOIS: IBM i Consultant
Samira BATAOUCHE: Security Partner Technical Specialist
Mickael LE FLOCH: IBM Security Architect Leader

For: IBM i Customers
Participant Profile: Technical

This seminar will allow participants to understand the principles of IBM i Security, to effectively protect the resources of their IBM i(s) and to ensure the integrity of their data.
Well-known Experts (3 IBM Champions) will share their knowledge and experience in IBM i Security and especially concrete customer cases.


IBM France – IBM i IT Specialist – IBM Systems Lab Services
What’s new in Security for the IBM i, 7.5

Security Expert on IBM i
For ITHEIS, he will lead the session on security reinforcement and compliance

This session presents the reinforcement of the IBM i Security and Compliance challenges, with a “vulnerability – remediation” approach. We will offer you a pragmatic method, because it is essential to add common sense to remain effective in this complex subject.
“IBM i Thursdays” are co-hosted by IBM, Itheis and its IBM i modernization expert partners.


Do not wait for a Security incident to take you by surprise, damage your sensitive data and impact your business
Protect your data against malicious attacks and human error
Review your Security measures with a renowened Expert in IBM i



Our methods and advice are tailored to suit each company because each technical context is unique.